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Flexible and cost-effective realization of your documents.

  •  PrePress & PreMedia
  • PDF Workflow
  • Code Creation
  • Data Hosting
  • DTP
  • Computer-to-Plate
  • Color Management
  •  Print
  • (UV-) Continuous Printing
  • Continuous Digital Printing
  • Sheetfed Printing
  • Flexo Aggregates
  • Numbering/Coding
  • Safety Features
  •  Finishing
  • Punching / Folding Units
  • Coating / Glue Stations
  • Collator
  • Finishing Lines
  •  Fulfillment
  • Storage Capacity
  • Pallet Spaces
  • Safty Concepts

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Our tip!

  • Hot-Seal forms: The glue on the new Hot-Seal documents is only on technically important points of the document and not spread over the entire surface. Therefore, the toner adheres to the paper and not to the coating. By printing multi-colored advertising on the forms it is possible to refinance the Hot-Seal documents. Would you like to know more? Contact us

  • PIN Solutions: Now also suitable for photo-TAN. Pira tested and certified the PIN documents by michael schiffer comply with the highest quality requirements for security documents. Thus, the data protection is guaranteed 100%. Would you like to know more? Contact us

  • SCard® Plano: The first single sheet solution with integrated card that is perfectly flat a single sheet printer. Save costs with the SCard® Plano for your letterhead and forms, by bundling the shipment of your documents and reduce the number of your mailings. Increase productivity in small quantities with the sheet-system, compared with an elaborate production on continuous laser systems. Streamline your production with the integrated card in the single sheet solution through the perfect flatness of the printed sheets in the system tray of your printer. Would you like to know more? Contact us